There is a nationwide gap for a faith-based trauma healing solution. We’ve designed Trauma REBOOT to fill that gap.

Trauma tends to impact every aspect of our lives, and if left unaddressed, it can leave us feeling broken, hopeless and alone. If you’ve walked through something that changed your life for the worse and you’ve never really been able to bounce back, this is for you. Trauma REBOOT is a course, not a support group, and it’s led by people who understand the struggle because they’ve lived through it themselves and discovered hope on the other side.

Joining a REBOOT course is a choice that could change your life forever. What do you have to lose, other than your pain?

What our participants are saying

It didn't feel like a course - it felt like we were hanging out while experiencing a level of healing I never thought possible.

Monica R

I'm not sure what the future holds, but I do know that I am worthy of good things. Where I once felt totally unworthy, I now know that God loves me and has good plans for me.

Ryan L

Each week as it went on, it just broke down a little layer of the wall until it wasn’t a wall anymore, it was an open door.

Kim H

It’s been a lot for me to be able to finally open up and be able to talk and even help others. After going through the class once, when things do happen I feel more prepared and just knowing that I can reach out to people has made such a difference.

Karen P.

Our graduates experience

Less Pain
More Purpose
Less Fatigue
More Meaning
Less Anxiety
Less Depression
Better Social Participation
Less Anger
More Meaning
Better Connectedness
More Forgiveness
Quality of Life

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REBOOT is led by people who get it.

Our leaders have lived it, learned from it, and want to help lift you out of it. And within our groups, every member is the same – no rank, no uniforms, no titles, and total privacy.

REBOOT is for the whole family.

Spouses and families are encouraged to participate. The course is designed to help married couples reopen lines of communication and heal together. We even provide a meal and childcare every week.

REBOOT approaches trauma from a different angle.

If your mind and body can be wounded, doesn’t it stand to reason that your soul can be wounded as well? What if that’s the ingredient you’ve been missing in your healing?

REBOOT is a course. Not a support group.

Though we do provide support, and we are a group, we are much more than just a “support group.” You won’t find any rambling or whining in our groups – only productive conversations.

REBOOT is faith-based but not preachy.

We don’t hide the fact that it’s a faith-based course. But we’re not pushy about our worldview. No matter your beliefs, you’ll learn proven and practical methods to heal from trauma.

Are you curious about what the course is like?

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Each participant will need a Field Guide to follow along with your course. 

Field Guides are available for $20/book. Please touch base with your course leader before purchasing. 

We understand that family dynamics can be complicated and that it is not always possible for both the service member and spouse to attend. We do highly emphasize that completing the course together is ideal; however, if only one of you can join us, please come!

Typical REBOOT groups have between 10-15 attendees, but sometimes the groups can be larger. If crowds bother you, feel free to arrive early and talk to your local leader who will be able to give you advice on how to handle the crowds and manage your stress.

We understand that schedules are busy, so we try to be as flexible as possible. Once you attend your first meeting, let your local group leaders know which meetings you need to miss and they can provide you with materials you can follow while you are away so you don’t fall behind. We recommend members not miss more than three weeks.

At REBOOT, we welcome people of all faith backgrounds, but we don’t hide the fact that we look at combat trauma from a Biblical perspective. We believe that healing is not found in our advice, but in the transformative power of God. Our job is to connect the hurting with the Healer. On our course surveys, 98% of participants said their opinions on faith and spirituality were respected by others in the group.

As a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization, we rely on donations and grants to effectively support our course locations and help families heal. Also, our course leaders or host locations often cover all of the expenses of participants that attend their group.

Your privacy is of utmost importance to us. Read this carefully: nothing you share with us (outside of self harm or illegal activity) will be shared with anyone outside the privacy of our groups. This means that nothing you share will hurt your role or rank.

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