You aren’t broken. You’re wounded. And wounds can heal.

Thousands of people have experienced a breakthrough in their struggle to heal from trauma and now it’s your turn. REBOOT is a 12-week course that helps you and your family heal from trauma. Our courses are peer-led, faith-based and open to anyone connected to the military or first responder communities. REBOOT leaders are everyday people who have experienced similar struggles and have a passion to help others heal.

Reboot is for you and your family

Military (current or veteran), First Responders, and family members and caregivers who have experienced trauma are welcome to join our courses. We believe that healing happens in the context of community. That’s why our courses are led by people who "get it” because they've been there too. We have two courses for you to choose from:

Radical healing is possible. We know because we've seen it firsthand.

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REBOOT Combat Recovery specifically addresses military trauma. Veterans or active duty service members of all eras are welcome to attend. Spouses and caregivers also benefit greatly and are encouraged to participate.

REBOOT First Responders specifically addresses duty-related trauma. All first responders (fire, EMS, law enforcement, corrections, 911 dispatch, hospital emergency staff and beyond) are encouraged to attend. Spouses and caregivers also benefit greatly and are encouraged to participate.

Trauma REBOOT is faith-based and led by everyday people who are turning their own pain into purpose by helping others live well in spite of trauma. Could the tragedies and trials of your past be repurposed to bring someone else hope and healing?

REBOOT is a MUST for any public safety responder. From 911 Dispatch to ER/trauma nurses/doctors and each step between, it’s enlightening. We join this field knowing we will experience trauma but are not prepared for the trauma and its fallout when it comes. This course provides the tools needed for future trauma and how to deal with past trauma... I wouldn’t hesitate to refer anyone to this course.

Jenelle S.

It's the first program that ever really challenged or helped me in any way. I know I have a long way to go, but with my brothers and sisters, through REBOOT, I finally feel that I have a chance.

Shane D.

This course helps not only first responders but their spouses! The group of people that come to this class are in the same boat with you and it's good to know we can talk out loud and feel safe and not judged and just loved! And having God involved was right up our alley!

Nikki M.

When I attended REBOOT at Fort Campbell, I was at a very low point in life and had many questions. REBOOT made me answer the hard questions as to why I am so angry. If it wasn’t for REBOOT and the family I made during the course, I wouldn’t have been able to get to where I am now – a better husband for my wife, a better father to my children, and just a better place in life . . . The first step is always the hardest, and REBOOT Combat Recovery is a great first step.

Ramil P.

Anyone in the public safety field should take this course. If you have been diagnosed with PTSD or not. This will help you ward off PTSD or help you heal if you have PTSD.

Ray P.

What To Expect At REBOOT


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Take the 3 Week Challenge

Try our course for 3 weeks and if you aren’t seeing a change, feel free to try something else.

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Graduate + Volunteer

As you complete REBOOT, you'll attend a graduation and have an opportunity to get involved and start helping others in your community.

We meet one time per week for 12-weeks. Most of the time we share a meal and then let the kids go to childcare. We watch a short video and then our course leaders begin facilitating a discussion about how trauma impacts our lives. We talk about relationships, addictions, mental health challenges and the experiences that shaped us. REBOOT is faith-based but not preachy. We always end with a set of practical steps we can take to heal and live life to its fullest. It isn't quite like a support group - although we do support each other. REBOOT is more like a journey we take walking side by side with people who become our closest friends and allies. Details about the course.

The Tools To Heal

Course participant materials include:

12 Lessons + Videos

Each week you’ll unlock more freedom through these lessons:

01   Identifying a soul wound

02  Uncovering the roots of your trauma

03  Creating a healing environment

04  Making wise choices

05 Freedom from shame and false guilt

06 Forgiving yourself and others

07 Grieving well

08 Dealing with depression

09 Identity after trauma

10 Mapping your future after trauma

11 Sharing your story

12 Graduation

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Field Guide Workbook

Your course leader will give you a step-by-step guide to heal from trauma one week at a time. You’ll also receive a t-shirt voucher and graduation certificate to celebrate your progress!

Mid-Week Check-in

We know that, a lot of times, the healing happens in the days between the course meetings. That’s why you’ll receive timely mid-week encouragement from your course leader via email.

Register now to join a reboot course

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REBOOT is led by people who get it.

Our leaders have lived it, learned from it, and want to help lift you out of it. And within our groups, every member is the same – no rank, no uniforms, no titles, and total privacy.

REBOOT is for the whole family.

Spouses and families are encouraged to participate. The course is designed to help married couples reopen lines of communication and heal together. We even provide a meal and childcare every week.

REBOOT approaches trauma from a different angle.

If your mind and body can be wounded, doesn’t it stand to reason that your soul can be wounded as well? What if that’s the ingredient you’ve been missing in your healing?

REBOOT is a course. Not a support group.

Though we do provide support, and we are a group, we are much more than just a “support group.” You won’t find any rambling or whining in our groups – only productive conversations.

REBOOT is faith-based but not preachy.

We don’t hide the fact that it’s a faith-based course. But we’re not pushy about our worldview. No matter your beliefs, you’ll learn proven and practical methods to heal from trauma.

Are you curious about what the course is like?

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