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You’re here because you or a loved one are struggling to find yourself again after combat. You’ve likely tried medications and various therapies, but nothing is working. And maybe you’ve even thought to yourself, “I can’t take it anymore.”

But REBOOT is different. Our combat trauma healing course actually works. Join a group near you and discover for yourself just how much better life can be.

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Here are five reasons you should give REBOOT a try:

REBOOT is led by fellow combat veterans and spouses.

Our leaders have lived it, learned from it, and want to help lift you out of it. And within our groups, every member is the same – no rank, no uniforms, no titles, and total privacy.

REBOOT is for the whole family.

Spouses and families are encouraged to participate. The course is designed to help married couples reopen lines of communication and heal together. We even provide a meal and childcare every week.

REBOOT approaches trauma from a different angle.

If your mind and body can be wounded, doesn’t it stand to reason that your soul can be wounded as well? What if that’s the ingredient you’ve been missing in your healing?

REBOOT is a course. Not a support group.

Though we do provide support, and we are are a group, we are much more than just a “support group.” You won’t find any rambling or whining in our groups – only productive conversations.

REBOOT is faith-based but not preachy.

We don’t hide the fact that it’s a faith-based course. But we’re not pushy about our worldview. No matter your beliefs, you’ll learn proven and practical methods to heal from trauma.

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