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Trauma REBOOT is our NEW 12-week, faith-based course that can help anyone heal from trauma and painful experiences. If you have been abused (mentally, physically, spiritually or sexually), neglected, lost a loved one, survived a natural disaster or even lived in close proximity to someone who has experienced trauma—you’re in the right place. Trauma REBOOT courses are led by everyday people who are turning their own pain into purpose by helping others live well in spite of trauma. Could the tragedies and trials of your past be repurposed to bring someone else hope and healing?

How do you begin? Simply purchase your

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and we equip you with everything you need to lead a Trauma REBOOT course:

12 Lessons + Videos

Each week, you’ll help course members unlock more freedom from trauma through these lessons:

  1.  Redeeming Trauma
  2.  Breaking My Default Response to Trauma
  3.  Understanding the Spiritual Wounds of Trauma
  4.  Finding Safety
  5.  Managing Big Emotions
  6.  Grieving Well
  7.  Overcoming Guilt & Shame
  8.  Restoring My Identity
  9.  Sharing My Story
  10.  Forgiving Myself & Others
  11.  Finding Stability
  12.  Moving Forward
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Leader Guide Workbook

Our leader workbooks contain all of your weekly teaching material so you can walk people through healing from spiritual wounds one week at a time.

Participant Materials

For $20 each, participants receive:

Leaders Training Academy

Our nationally recognized team will show you exactly how to facilitate your course and reach your community. We’ll even show you how to recruit and train the next generation of course leaders.

Outreach Materials

We will provide you with attractive and effective outreach materials including social media posts, customizable posters, videos and slide decks to help you spread the word quickly.

Midweek Check-In

We know that, a lot of times, the healing happens in the days between the course meetings. You and your group will have access to our exclusive material, content and midweek podcasts through your MyREBOOT portal that go hand in hand with your weekly sessions.

Can't Meet In Person? Lead a Virtual Course.

As the COVID-19 crisis continues to affect all areas of life, many of our courses have found great success meeting virtually rather than in person. At REBOOT, we're committed to helping you continue to bring hope and healing to those in your community, even amidst these challenging times. As such, we've developed best practices and guidelines to help you facilitate your course meetings safely and easily, whether in person, virtual, or a hybrid.

Have questions? Need help? We'd love to talk to you.

Call Us: (931) 292-2011 · Monday-Friday 9 AM-5 PM CT

Who Can Lead REBOOT?

Anyone with a heart to serve others can lead a course. No PhD required. Our leaders aren’t experts. They are everyday people who set aside time every week to help others. Our HQ team will guide you through each step and make sure you have the training and materials needed to be successful!

What Does A REBOOT Leader Do?

We equip. You lead. As a course leader, you’ll take an active role in the recovery of others. No more sitting on the sidelines while “experts" do the work. You’ll build a local team, invite people to the course and facilitate weekly meetings. You’ll listen to course members share their stories and provide them with practical, faith-based tools they can use to start healing right away.

How Does Leading REBOOT Work?



We'll send you all the materials you'll need and a link to our complete online leader training


Invite the

Pick a place and time to meet then use our incredible outreach tools to spread the word and build excitement about your new course!



Get everyone together and begin walking through the course materials, one week at a time. We’ll provide you with everything you need.

Trusted by hundreds of churches. Recommended by experts.
Led by YOU.

Each week brought me closer and closer to God, and [I learned] that my past and the traumas weren't all my fault. That's probably the biggest thing I have had to learn is that It's not my fault!

Karen P.

It didn't feel like a course - it felt like we were hanging out while experiencing a level of healing I never thought possible.

Monica R.

I'm not sure what the future holds, but I do know that I am worthy of good things. Where I once felt totally unworthy, I now know that God loves me and has good plans for me.

Ryan L.

How Much Does It Cost?

$199/year for your LeaderPass
+ $20 per course participant

Your REBOOT LeaderPass will equip you with everything needed to lead REBOOT for an entire year. You can lead any of our three REBOOT programs, including Trauma REBOOT.

LeaderPass Toolkit Includes:

Expecting more than 40 participants in a year or planning to launch multiple courses at once? Contact us for special offers.

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