First Responder REBOOT is a 12-week, faith-based, peer-led course that helps first responders and their families heal from critical incident stress and trauma.

The practical tools and teaching found in this course are specifically designed for those within the law enforcement, fire, EMS, emergency communications, hospital emergency and corrections communities.

If you or someone you love is suffering from the stress of the front lines, the time is now to break free from trauma and change your life.

Join a First Responder REBOOT course and start your journey of healing.

Hear what REBOOT has meant to a few of our course participants, in their own words.

There is

after trauma.

Why is it that the first to respond to a crisis are often the last to seek help for their own struggles? For many, the stress doesn't end when you flip off the siren and leave the scene of an incident. The sights, sounds, and smells of the experience can follow you home and chip away at your mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

We know the struggles you face. The constant stress. The administrative hassles. Balancing home life with a swing schedule. The anger that sits just at the top of your throat. The numbness and depression that have become your "new normal." Where life used to be fun, now it just seems like just one long shift. Maybe you feel frustrated, discouraged, and broken. Maybe you’ve even thought to yourself, “I can’t take it anymore.”

Trauma didn't break you. You aren't broken. You're wounded.

And wounds can heal if proper steps are taken.

Trauma changes you, no question. But how it changes you is partially determined by the choices you make after the trauma occurs. We can't promise that First Responder REBOOT will magically make your symptoms disappear. But what we can do is help you take productive steps toward a life of freedom and purpose in spite of what you've been through.

Since 2011, REBOOT has helped countless first responders and their families find breakthrough in their battle against stress and trauma. Now it’s your turn. It may seem impossible, but in only 12 weeks, you can begin walking down a proven path of healing toward a new kind of life – one of strength and stability. Joining a First Responder REBOOT course is a choice that could change your life forever. Make the choice and begin your healing journey today.

What our participants are saying

This program was able to put a face on many of the things I’ve felt and experienced during my 22 years in law enforcement. It has been an excellent conversation starter for my wife and I. We now communicate about issues we have not before. I strongly recommend this course whether you think you need it or not.
Todd H.
REBOOT is a MUST for any public safety responder. From 911 Dispatch to ER/trauma nurses/doctors and each step between, it’s enlightening. We join this field knowing we will experience trauma but are not prepared for the trauma and its fallout when it comes. This course provides the tools needed for future trauma and [for] dealing with past trauma. ... I wouldn’t hesitate to refer anyone to this course.
Jenelle S.
This course helps not only first responders but their spouses! The group of people that come to this class are in the same boat with you and it's good to know we can talk out loud and feel safe and not judged and just loved! And having God involved was right up our alley!
Nikki M.
Anyone in the public safety field should take this course. If you have been diagnosed with PTSD or not. This will help you ward off PTSD or help you heal if you have PTSD.
Ray P.

Quick facts about First Responder REBOOT

REBOOT courses meet once a week for 12 weeks.

Each week, you'll progress through our trauma healing curriculum with a lesson guided by your local leader. It's not a lecture. It's a conversation. Every participant plays a part in helping one another.

REBOOT is faith-based, but we're not preachy.

We don’t hide the fact that REBOOT is rooted in the Christian faith, but you don't have to be. No matter your beliefs, you’ll come away from our course with proven and practical methods to heal from trauma.

REBOOT works with your schedule, no matter how busy.

We know first responder schedules can be complicated, so we've designed our course with flexibility in mind. If you have to miss a meeting in person, we make it easy for you to attend virtually or catch up afterward through our mobile app.

REBOOT is for the whole family, not just the responder.

Spouses and families are encouraged to participate. The course is designed to help married couples reopen lines of communication and heal together. Many locations even provide a meal and childcare to make it easy for everyone to be a part.

REBOOT courses are led by people who get it.

Our leaders have lived it, learned from it, and have a heart to help lift you out of it. In fact, many of our best leaders are graduates of prior REBOOT courses. There's no judgment and total privacy.

How much does it cost to join? Just $25 per participant.

You'll get a REBOOT Field Guide workbook and membership to MyREBOOT, our online trauma healing hub. Many groups cover this cost for their participants. Check with your local leader upon signup.

More than 20,000 people have graduated from REBOOT courses and overcome trauma. What do you have to lose – except your pain?

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Our graduates experience

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More Meaning
Less Anxiety
Less Depression
Better Social Participation
Less Anger
More Meaning 
Better Connectedness
More Forgiveness
Quality of Life

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