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Led by REBOOT’s co-founder, Dr. Jenny Owens, OTD, and Dr. Leanne Knoboch, PhD, our program evaluation team is adding to the body of evidence that supports the notion that faith-based interventions are both powerful and life-changing. Our recent studies are published in Military Psychology, Traumatology, and Military Behavioral Health and our recent outcomes report highlights statistically significant improvements in mental, emotional and social wellness among course graduates.

Participant data from our recent outcomes report:

Research Articles

The REBOOT First Responders Program: Insights of U.S. Graduates

Leanne K. Knobloch and Jenny L. Owens

Evaluating the effectiveness of REBOOT Combat Recovery: A faith-based combat trauma resiliency program

Leanne K. Knobloch, Jenny L. Owens, Leonard N. Matheson & Matthew B. Dodson

Spiritual care for combat trauma: A qualitative evaluation of REBOOT Combat Recovery

Leanne K. Knobloch, Jenny L. Owens & Robyn L. Gobin
The REBOOT Combat Recovery Program: Health and Socioemotional Benefits

Leanne K. Knobloch,Jenny L. Owens, Robyn L. Gobin & Timothy J. Wolf
Soul wounds among combat trauma survivors: Experience, effects, and advice.

Knobloch, L. K., Owens, J. L., & Gobin, R. L.

Assessing the REBOOT First Responders Program: Physical, Mental, and
Social Health Outcomes

Leanne K. Knobloch and Jenny L. Owens

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