You can help a family win the battle against trauma.

REBOOT Impact Partners are monthly givers who care deeply about helping veterans, first responders and their family members overcome service-related trauma. Join our community and receive live, exclusive insight straight from our volunteers on the front lines, so you can see exactly where your generosity is making an impact.


The suicide epidemic is on the rise, especially among the veteran and first responder communities. Those who have suffered from trauma feel like they have nowhere to turn.

That’s where REBOOT Recovery steps in. Over the past decade, our proven-effective, faith-based trauma healing courses have helped over 8,000 people across the world find purpose in their pain and hope after trauma. The REBOOT solution is working.


You can break the cycle of trauma.

Through your support, we are able to provide our trauma healing courses to our participants for FREE. Our course leaders are trained volunteers, not paid staff, so you can know that your gifts directly support our efforts to bring those who are struggling from hopelessness to healing.


You can help entire families thrive together.

Did you know that trauma affects the whole family, not just the person who went through the traumatic incident? Your support provides meals and childcare for our participants at their REBOOT course meetings. This removes the biggest obstacle for an entire family to be able to attend together and heal together.


You can raise up our next course leaders.

There’s no one better to lead a REBOOT course than someone who’s been through the valley themselves. Nearly half of our course graduates indicate that they would like to become leaders of future REBOOT courses. Through your support, we can equip them with the training they need in order to multiply healing in communities around the world!

How much impact can you make?

How Many Participants You'll Help 

It costs $35 on average to cover one participant going through a REBOOT course. See how quickly your impact multiplies through your ongoing donations.

We are overcoming trauma together.

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