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Healing What's Hidden

Practical Steps to Overcoming Trauma


What happened to you was wrong. It hurt you. But it doesn’t have to define you. You may be wounded, but you’re not broken. If what you’ve been through keeps you stuck looking backward, it’s time for a new perspective.

Healing What’s Hidden offers empathetic insights, practical how-to’s, and relatable stories to help you overcome the pain of your past and embrace a brighter future.

What You'll learn


Restoring What Seems Broken beyond Repair


Shutting Down Destructive Responses


Feeling It All without Falling Apart


Understanding the True Source of Your Trauma


Loss: Living Boldly When You’re Uncertain


Guilt, Shame, and Regret: Moving Forward When You’re Stuck in the Past


Rejection, Neglect, and Abandonment: Knowing You’re Worthy When You Feel Worthless


Hurt and Abuse: Finding Peace When Your Life Is Full of Fear


Reaping the Rewards of Forgiveness


Knowing Who You Are and Becoming Who You Can Be


Converting Pain into Purpose


Finding Hope in Unexpected Places

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Trauma exacts such a toll on us spiritually that if left untended, we may never discover what it is to be fully alive on this side of eternity. Thankfully, in Healing What's Hidden, Evan and Jenny not only unlock the door to spiritual healing but serve as compassionate and careful guides, lighting the way to wholeness, vitality, and freedom.
Michelle Donnelly
President/CEO PlusONE Parents, Author of Safe Haven: A Devotional for the Abused & Abandoned
"Jenny and Evan Owens have created a practical masterpiece. They have carved a path to walk into healing, freedom, and serving. They show us how to walk the new path to healing. The "how" makes their work practical. Even more, they take us on a journey back to how we are created, to the places of healing that "medicine won't reach and surgery can't touch." For those individuals who are willing, they walk with them to a healing and understanding that inspires the recovering person to carry the message of restoration to others. This process makes Healing What's Hidden a masterpiece that can tolerate the hard questions and harsh challenges that trauma brings to all of us. Far beyond the thousands who have already been helped by the Owens's ministry, I pray that so many more find healing in this book's pages."
Dr. Chip Dodd
Author of The Voice of the Heart and The Perfect Loss
"We all have hidden hurts that need healing but we try to manage the pain ourselves which only makes things worse or leaves us isolated. Trauma recovery specialists Evan and Jenny Owens enter into your personal trauma, loss, guilt, rejection, abuse, or other hurts to lead you step-by-step into new freedom and empowerment to be who God made you to be. With insights from real and raw stories, science, and Scripture, along with practical guidance, this is a great book for personal healing and helping a friend."
Drs. Bill and Kristi Gaultiere
Psychotherapists and Authors of Journey of the Soul
"Healing What's Hidden is one of the most timely and relevant reads on trauma today. I wish a resource like this would have been available sooner! If you are looking for an easy-to-read and easy to digest book to help you navigate healing, I highly recommend and endorse Evan and Jenny Owens' book Healing What's Hidden."
Adam Davis
Bestselling Author and Professional Speaker
"Healing What's Hidden offers practical tools to reboot and recover from trauma, neglect, abandonment, and rejection. Jesus made no distinction between healing physical and emotional illnesses. As followers of Christ, we are called to do likewise. Read it. Live it. Then give a copy to someone you love. I recommend this book without hesitation!"
Matthew Sleeth, MD
Author of Hope Always and Executive Director of Blessed Earth
"Healing What's Hidden rocked me. Trauma controlled my life for so long. But not anymore."
Kim Hall
Reader Testimonial
"Reading through this book made me confront some difficult things in my life. I was in trauma mode and responded accordingly. But this book helped me recover the optimism I once had and I accept the truth that I'm never too wounded to heal."
Kim Green
Reader Testimonial

About The Authors

Evan + Jenny Owens

Evan and Jenny met in music school at Belmont University where talented beatboxer Evan quickly, and correctly, pegged Jenny as a teacher’s pet. Nine years later, newly married and working in their first careers — Evan in technology and Jenny as a civilian Occupational Therapist for the Army — they saw a gap in spiritual care for combat veterans. Together, they founded REBOOT Recovery, a global nonprofit that helps people of all backgrounds overcome trauma and embrace a brighter future.

REBOOT courses are led by everyday people and offered in hundreds of locations around the world. Evan and Jenny have managed to work together for over ten years without killing each other thanks to frequent date nights, The Office reruns and dreaming about their favorite place on earth, Jekyll Island, Georgia. They have three active boys and live near Nashville, Tennessee.

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