Why is REBOOT necessary?

The truth is that the traditional approaches to mental healthcare aren’t working quickly enough.

There simply aren’t enough providers to meet the demand and people are dying while they wait.

That’s why REBOOT exists to help people overcome trauma through our faith-based, peer-led programs.

More than 20,000 people have already embrace a brighter future. But our work is far from done! By 2025, we aim to have had than 50,000 people attend a REBOOT course.

Will you join us?

More people died by suicide last year than the year prior - a trend that has continued for nearly 20 years.

Over one-third of Americans live in areas lacking mental health professionals.

Experts estimate there will be a shortage of over 15,000 providers by 2025.


Suicide is now the 2nd leading cause of death for ages 18-39 - and climbing.

TRAUMA is our personal intersection with the brokenness of the world. 
RECOVERY is our personal intersection with the redemptive heart of God.

Our Programs

Our decentralized approach allows us to identify hurting people long before traditional approaches. Each week, hundreds of volunteers facilitate programs in over 400 course locations spanning 44 states and 11 countries.

See for yourself the impact REBOOT is making.

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How REBOOT works:

REBOOT has developed a proven system that is peer-led, faith based and outcomes driven. Our model gets to the root cause of suicide which is trauma and her's how it works:

  • REBOOT groups meet one night per week for 12 weeks

  • Meals and childcare are provided to remove barriers

  • Spouses and caregivers are encouraged to attend
  • Graduates continue into our extensive aftercare program.

  • Current specific programs are tailored for veterans and first responders.

The need is great. How will you get involved?


a course

No PhD required. Our leaders aren’t experts. Anyone with a heart to serve can lead a course.


a course

If you or someone you know has been through trauma, register for a local course now.


to support us

Our mission is only made possible through the generous support of donors and partners.

Key Partners

REBOOT courses are hosted by individuals and organizations of all types, in homes, church buildings, fire halls, apartment clubhouses and everywhere in between. Our courses and their volunteer leaders are critical, local resources for people dealing with trauma or post-traumatic stress.

Our HQ Team

Jenny Owens


Jenny Owens is the Co-founder and Outcomes Director of REBOOT Recovery.

Jenny is an occupational therapist and has previously worked for the Department of Defense treating active duty soldiers with traumatic brain injury and post traumatic stress. Jenny specializes in neurocognitive and psychosocial rehabilitation as well as return to duty evaluation. Jenny has contributed to numerous occupational therapy publications including the mTBI Rehabilitation Toolkit (2015), TBI Interventions to Support Occupational Performance (2014), and Occupational Therapy for Physical Dysfunction, 7th ed. (2013). 

She is currently involved in research projects measuring the effectiveness of a faith-based, peer led approach to trauma recovery. A strong believer in the power of relationships, Jenny believes that authentic community is key in helping people heal from painful experiences. 

Jenny and her husband, Evan, have three young children and she enjoys having coffee with friends, cooking, and traveling.

Read more about Jenny

Evan Owens

Executive director

Evan is the Executive Director of REBOOT Recovery.

Evan specializes in organizational leadership, development, and leveraging technology to elevate a nonprofit’s reach and impact. As a leader, Evan is an expert at maximizing those around him to reach their full potential. Evan has authored several books, including the REBOOT trauma healing curriculum, and has been a keynote and panel presenter at numerous conferences in the trauma recovery space. Evan believes in empowering everyday people to help their friends and neighbors who are struggling in the wake of painful experiences. 

Evan Owens was formerly the CEO for Centresource Interactive Agency. Under his leadership, Centresource expanded to a national client base and was privileged to be named in the INC 5000 and the Inner City 100 Fastest Growing Companies in the US lists.

He is married to Dr. Jenny Owens, co-founder of REBOOT and has three young children.

Read more about Evan

Bryan Flanery


Kolby Miller


Lauren Orr


Jason Horn


Jessica Hall

International Programs Lead & EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT

Millie Knight


Svetlana Brovko

International Regional Expansion Coordinator

Terri Gray


Carin Weier

Trauma Programs Coordinator and WA Regional Operations Center Coordinator

Jessica Carpenter


Scott McPherson

First Responder Program Coordinator

Ryan Hebron


Dr. Wesley Northey

National Partnerships Lead

Rahnella Adsit


Chris Adsit


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