Every single day, 22 Veterans end their personal battle against PTSD and depression by taking their own lives. They’re not statistics, they’re people: family, friends. They fought for us. Now it’s time for us to fight for them.

Single Time Donation

This month, in honor of Veteran’s Day, REBOOT is calling for a Suicide Cease Fire. Join our call and, together, we can offer service members help, hope, and healing.

A one-time $22 donation will provide:

One military member with course curriculum to complete REBOOT’s Combat Trauma Healing Course.


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Recurring Donation: Support An Entire Family

If you sign up for a $22 recurring monthly donation, you will provide a hurting family with:

Materials Meals Childcare Support for the entirety of our services at one of our nationwide locations.


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As a thank you for your support, you will receive a Suicide Cease Fire bullet shell pendant or key chain, handcrafted by one of our own, to commemorate your service to them and the lives being saved by your donation.

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