What’s next for REBOOT?

We are so humbled and encouraged by the support we’ve received this season through our End-of-Year and Giving Tuesday fundraising campaigns. If you have given, THANK YOU for your sacrificial generosity and for standing with us on this crucial mission.

Several people have asked what, specifically, their donations will go toward supporting.

Here’s the answer: One of our top priorities each year is expansion. We want to ensure that REBOOT courses are available to anyone and everyone who needs them, no matter where they live. We’ve made some great strides in 2019, adding over 100 new course locations. But there is still much ground to cover.

As you can see, there are entire states untouched by REBOOT. In 2020, we will double down our efforts to find leaders and plant courses in unreached areas.


We also plan to continue working on international expansion. In 2019, REBOOT Ukraine launched courses in multiple cities and we’ve seen incredible fruit already! Check out the video below for a full update!

[As a result of REBOOT], “I changed my attitude to people, I changed my opinion on the society, I became a totally different person! And I really (how to say this…) – I’ve started to enjoy life! I saw my needs here, and in the people as well. Not only they need me, but also I need them!”

-A REBOOT Ukraine Graduate

Ukraine Update from REBOOT Recovery on Vimeo.

In 2020, we will work to plant the first REBOOT course in Israel! What an incredible opportunity this is to provide hope and lasting healing to people in one of the most war-torn nations in all of history. Please join with us in praying for open doors and courageous leaders to step up. 
2020 will also bring enhanced opportunities for people to engage with us through myREBOOT, a new all-in-one hub for REBOOT leader tools, participant resources, online courses and more.

If you’re reading this and you feel as excited and passionate as we do (and you haven’t already given), would you consider making a donation this season? We are still just about $5,000 shy of our goal (which is pretty incredible since we started with a need of $60,000 back in October!). Every gift will help us in reaching more veterans, first responders and family members to help bring them out of a place of hopelessness and despair and into joy and purpose in 2020.

Thank you so much, again, and we wish you blessings and peace this holiday season!