Overcome Academy is digital training that equips your team to know how to respond with confidence to hurting friends and family.

Not everyone can be a heart surgeon, but we can all learn CPR to help save a life.

The same is true when it comes to helping those who have faced a traumatic experience. While very few of us are called to be certified counselors, everyone should have the basic training needed to respond to someone who is dealing with tragedy, mental health struggles, abuse, or trauma – especially Christians.

What You’ll Learn

During Overcome Academy, we’ll teach your team how to:

Respond with confidence to hurting friends and family

No more guessing what to say. Your leaders will feel confident and competent responding to hurting people.

Help people reframe their trauma and grow through it

We’ll show you the three critical stages of the healing process and how your church is the ideal place to help hurting people experience healing that lasts.

Have tough conversations that bring lasting change and healing

We’ll teach you a proven formula to successfully navigate difficult conversations without hurting anyone in the process.

Support people without burning out

Over a decade of training peer-leaders has uncovered five techniques that anyone can use to reduce burnout. Empower your team to help others without hurting themselves.

Manage crisis situations effectively

We’ll train you team how to respond to people in crisis or those struggling with suicide. No more panic or fear.

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“Overcome Academy was exactly what our church needed. It has reduced my workload and we are helping more people than ever before. I highly recommend bringing this to your organization.”

- Stephanie Nichols, Cross Point Church

What’s Included?

You'll have access to the entire Overcome Academy training system through our MyREBOOT online portal.

Five Session Videos

You'll watch teaching videos divided into five sessions to walk you through the entire course and open the door for discussion among your team.

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Digital Workbook

Our companion workbook contains over 80 pages of techniques, tools and resources to help you reach and respond to hurting people.

Printed Workbooks Available A La Carte

If you'd like to get your leaders together and complete the training as an in-person event, printed workbooks are available for just $10 per book.

Just $79! Get started today!

Annual Membership, Lifelong Impact

Overcome Academy is part of our MyREBOOT platform that provides online courses, training, and resources to help people overcome trauma and mental health challenges. For just $20 more, you can upgrade your purchase to MyREBOOT All-Access, which will give you access to a vast library of resources designed to help further your training and continue your momentum beyond the Overcome Academy training course.

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