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Is it a requirement to have a co-leader?

At REBOOT, no one fights alone. And, as you can imagine, leading a REBOOT course can be a battle at times. That’s why we require that all courses have at least one co-leader (hopefully more!) in addition to the primary leader. The co-leader serves as a backup in case the primary leader is incapcitated or unable to attend a session. They also assist with administration and course logistics including communications and hospitality. Finally, co-leaders can help with one-on-one mentorship should a member of the group require individual attention during or after a session.

If we want to lead a co-ed course, do our leaders need to be of each gender?

Yes, we require that co-ed courses be led by a team consisting of both men and women. This creates an environment of safety allowing for men to receive one-on-one support from men and women to receive one-on-one support from women.

Is it a requirement to go through REBOOT's Leadership Academy?

Yes. In order to best empower and equip leaders to help participants overcome trauma and to maintain the integrity of the program, we require that leaders and co-leaders complete the REBOOT Leadership Academy. This comprehensive training ensures that leaders have the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively support individuals on their journey toward healing and growth.

Are Leader Huddles mandatory?

Our monthly Leader Huddles are optional but we hope you will make time to join us! These virtual huddles are great opportunities to connect with other leaders, receive updates about the organization, and get additional training on topics that will help your local efforts.

Can we get on a payment plan to purchase the LeaderPass?

No, REBOOT does not offer a payment plan for purchasing a LeaderPass.

How can I raise funds to help cover the costs of leading a course?

Yes! We know that leading a course comes with many challenges. And we never want finances to hinder leaders from facilitating healing. So, we’ve created Leader Fundraisers: three-week windows for you to raise funds to support your course. Set a goal and invite community members to make tax deductible donations to contribute to your local efforts. For more information visit: https://leaderfundraisers.rebootrecovery.com/

Do all participants have to register for a course on the REBOOT Recovery website or can we have participants register through our church website?

We understand that many churches manage small group registrations through their own websites to keep their process consistent for church members. If you offer a REBOOT course and want participants to register through your website, we still ask that you let us know about your course by submitting an intake form and that you advise course participants to register at rebootrecovery.com/join. This will ensure that all course participants receive access to the MyREBOOT online platform which includes all of our course content and that participants can stay connected with REBOOT Recovery after graduation. By submitting an intake form and listing the course on our website, it also ensures that people looking for a course who do not attend your congregation are able to find the course and attend.

How do I get someone trained and the materials needed for them to lead?

We introduced the Co-leader pass for $49.99 for this exact reason. Once a Co-leader pass is purchased, the co-leader will receive a leader handbook, RLA handbook, access to the MyREBOOT Leader Checklist and coaching calls. Please contact your coach if you know someone who is interested in leading and needs to purchase a co-leader pass. If you don’t know who your coach is, contact info@rebootrecovery.com and we will connect you with one.

Leading A Group

Can we pass the cost of the participant materials on to the participant?

Trauma REBOOT participants are encouraged to purchase their Field Guides but you are welcome to purchase them on their behalf. However, we strongly encourage leaders of REBOOT Combat Recovery and REBOOT First Responders to provide Field Guides for their participants. If you need funding assistance, consider participating in our Leader Fundraisers, which happen three times per year (see FAQ: How can I raise funds to help cover the costs of leading a course?).

I have a challenging situation in my group with a participant. Who can help me?

Contact your coach to discuss the situation. If you don’t know who your coach is, contact info@rebootrecovery.com to connect you with one.

Can I lead more than one course at a time?

As a way to create genuine and meaningful relationships, and preserve the health of our leaders, we prefer they focus on leading one course at a time. We also recommend that leaders take a break between rotations to rest.

Can I choose which course I want to lead?

For questions about leading REBOOT Combat Recovery (RCR), email Bryan@rebootrecovery.com. For RCR, at least one leader must be active duty or a veteran. For questions about leading REBOOT First Responders (RFR), email Heather@rebootrecovery.com. For RFR, at least one leader must be a current or former first responder. This ensures REBOOT courses are peer-led.

Can I combine 2 or more weeks into 1 for a 6 week or shorter course?

The course material is very intentionally spread out over a 12 week period for the safest and most optimal healing outcome. In order to foster a healthy environment and maintain consistency, we ask that leaders stick to the structured weekly content.

What do I do if no one registers or shows up for my course?

Start by contacting your coach to help you. You may decide to begin with a different course or lead a virtual course instead.

How do I get a complete course roster?

You will receive notification emails every time someone registers for your course. If you’d like a full course roster before your course starts, email info@rebootrecovery.com.


I can't get logged in to myREBOOT. Who can help me?

Email info@rebootrecovery.com and someone will respond to you as soon as possible.

How do I check on the status of my order/field guides?

Email info@rebootrecovery.com and someone will respond to you as soon as possible.

How do I update my renewal or payment information for my LeaderPass?

Email info@rebootrecovery.com and someone will respond to you as soon as possible.

My participant can't get logged in to MyREBOOT. Who can help?

Email info@rebootrecovery.com and someone will respond to you as soon as possible.


Is the LeaderPass tax deductible?

The LeaderPass is not tax deductible because our leaders are receiving materials and services through their purchase.

If someone donates to REBOOT to support our group, is that tax deductible?

Yes, donations to REBOOT are tax deductible. People can give online or by check and indicate your group name in the memo line. We will issue the funds directly to you minus a 6% administration fee.

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