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At REBOOT Recovery, we offer courses that help people heal from trauma.
REBOOT courses are rooted in faith and led by everyday people who have a passion to help those who are hurting. We partner with individuals, churches, nonprofits, government facilities and clinicians to bring courses to communities across the nation and around the globe.
Discover how easy it is to lead a REBOOT course right where you are.

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Three programs. One mission.

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Trauma REBOOT is faith-based and led by everyday people who are turning their own pain into purpose by helping others live well in spite of trauma. Could the tragedies and trials of your past be repurposed to bring someone else hope and healing?

Trauma REBOOT is faith-based and led by everyday people who are turning their own pain into purpose by helping others live well in spite of trauma. Could the tragedies and trials of your past be repurposed to bring someone else hope and healing?

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Trusted by churches. Recommended by experts. Led by you.

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Your REBOOT LeaderPass equips you with everything you need to lead any of our three REBOOT programs.

12 Lessons & Videos

Each of our three 12-week courses features a combination of video teaching and facilitated discussion. Every week, you’ll help course members unlock more freedom from trauma through a curriculum that's been proven effective in hundreds of REBOOT course rotations over the past decade.

Leader Handbook

Your REBOOT Leader Handbook contains all of your weekly teaching material. You'll lead your course meetings directly from this workbook, walking your participants through healing from spiritual wounds one week at a time.

Participant Field Guides

Every course member is equipped with their own REBOOT Field Guide workbook covering the 12 weeks of the course and beyond. Participants also get free membership to MyREBOOT, our online learning hub, with access to course companion materials and a library of helpful content.

Participant Field Guides are $25 each. We recommend your organization cover the cost, especially for military and first responder courses, but you can determine what's best for your situation.

Online Leader Training

Through our online hub, MyREBOOT, we provide a complete step-by-step walkthrough of the entire process of leading a course, from start to finish. We've taken out all the guesswork so that you can focus on people, not process. And when questions do arise, our REBOOT coaches are on hand to help via phone, email, or chat.

Outreach Materials

Maximize your reach with our attractive and professional outreach materials, including customizable posters, social media posts, promotional videos, and online training to help you spread the word quickly. Plus, even more outreach tools can be found for purchase in our online store.

Can't Meet In Person? Lead a Virtual Course

Even amidst these challenging times. we're committed to helping you bring hope and healing to those in your community. Many of our course locations have transitioned to virtual meetings with great success. However you choose to meet, we're here to help you facilitate your course meetings safely and easily, whether in person, virtual, or a hybrid.

How much does it cost?

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With your REBOOT LeaderPass, you can lead any combination of our three trauma healing courses during a 12-month timeframe. Most leaders elect to host at least two course rotations during that time.

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Who can lead a REBOOT course?

Anyone with a heart to serve others can lead a course. No PhD required. REBOOT course leaders aren’t mental health experts — and that’s on purpose. Our leaders are everyday people, just like our participants.

Not everyone is called to be a heart surgeon, but everyone should know CPR in order to save a life. In the same way, we’re not all called to be psychologists or pastors, but we can all do something to help one another through times of crisis. 

And you’re not leading REBOOT on your own. Far from it. We’ll guide you through each step and make sure you have the tools and training needed to be successful.

What does a REBOOT leader do?

REBOOT leaders help other people overcome tragedy and trauma. It really is that simple. As a REBOOT leader, you take an active role in the recovery of others. No more sitting on the sidelines while the “experts” do the work. And you’ll find it’s an amazing privilege to play a part in someone else’s journey of healing.

On a practical level, REBOOT leaders host weekly course meetings for 12 weeks. During these course meetings, you simply follow our curriculum and share our teaching videos in order to facilitate discussion and provide your group members with tools and teaching they can put to use right away.

How does leading REBOOT work?


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What our leaders are saying

The curriculum wasn’t intimidating. It was approachable and easy to follow - not to mention incredibly powerful.
Charlie King, TN
The testimonies that have come out of our REBOOT experience have been life changing for everyone involved and for our entire church.
Dr. Mike Glenn, Brentwood Baptist Church, TN
The videos are GREAT! The group videos and the training videos are incredible. Everything is set up so nicely.
Roy, NC Leader
It has been far more successful than we ever dreamed it would be this quickly!
Pastor Jerry Williams, VA

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Your REBOOT LeaderPass equips you with all that you need to lead a course right where you are.

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