Do you feel like you’ve tried everything?

Cognitive processing therapy, EMDR, exposure therapy, even deep breathing and yoga. Maybe you’re on a cocktail of medications that seem to toss you from high to low in a matter of seconds. Maybe you feel lost in a system of healthcare that isn’t working for you. Maybe you’re fed up, frustrated and discouraged, feeling hopeless and helpless. And maybe you’ve even thought to yourself… “I can’t take it anymore.”

But what if you’ve only been treating part of the problem?

12 weeks from now, life can be better.

REBOOT is unlike anything else you’ve tried before. We believe that healing from combat trauma requires treating not just the mind and body but also the soul – and we are a community of people committed to helping each other heal from the spiritual wounds of war. You won’t find shortcuts or easy answers, but instead you will find solutions that last. Since 2011, REBOOT has helped hundreds of veterans and their families heal. Your healing can start today.


REBOOT wasn't at all what I expected. I knew something was different from the moment I walked in and met the leaders. Finally, I had found something that worked!
SGT Bryan
REBOOT healed my soul. I am eternally grateful to this organization.
SGT David
My family was so broken. I was broken. Now I'm whole.
SGT Scott
We became like family. It was almost like I was back in my unit again.


Though we do provide support, and we are are a group, we are much more than just a “support group.” We are a network of “bridge people” helping one another cross the spiritual void experienced in the aftermath of war. The course consists of a led discussion digging deeper into specific topics related to combat trauma. Most groups are led by fellow combat veterans.

Each meeting starts by getting to know each other in a casual, comfortable environment. Often this involves eating a family-style meal together. We believe that spouses are deeply affected by deployments, so we encourage married couples to complete the course together. And at most locations, childcare is provided as well.

Nothing you share will be reported to your chain of command, and as a non-government program, your career will not be jeopardized. We don’t wear uniforms and in most cases go by our first names.

Combat affects the mind, body, and soul. With the Bible as our guide, we focus on helping our group members establish or regain the connectedness with God and their loved ones that they were designed to experience. We then work toward equipping them with a treatment plan to heal their soul wounds.

Ready to get started?