Celebrating the Climb: Finding Joy in Each Step

By: Ryan Hebron

Do you ever feel like you’re climbing a mountain towards some far-off goal? I know I do. My dreams often feel so big, so daunting, that I barely know where to start. Whether it’s becoming CEO, running a marathon, entering full-time ministry, or traveling the world, those major accomplishments can seem impossibly out of reach.

In those moments, I’m learning not to focus on the summit but to celebrate the small victories along the way. As followers of Christ, we know that life is a journey. While we aim for the goals God places on our hearts, we must find joy in each step forward, not just the final destination.

When we obsess over the end result, we miss the beauty of the process. We become impatient, frustrated, burned out. But Jesus reminds us in Luke 16:10 that faithfulness in small things leads to blessings in bigger ones. The small daily choices to spend time with God, serve others, work diligently, speak kindly – these form Christlike character over the long haul.

What if we paused to acknowledge each step up the mountainside? Perhaps we prayed for someone today. We made a healthy choice for our body. We invested an hour into a passion project. Let’s take a moment to high five ourselves! God delights to see our growth, even if it’s incremental.

Rather than comparing ourselves to others, let’s celebrate where we are. The next person’s successes don’t undermine our own. God has called each of us to run our unique race at our own pace. While someone else reaches the summit, we may still be a quarter way up – and that is worthy of joy!

True fulfillment won’t come in some magical moment of finally “making it.” Wholeness is found in drawing close to Christ daily, in the big and small choices that shape us into His image. It’s found in whispered prayers throughout common moments. In turning from temptation towards purity. In passing up opportunities for self-glory in order to lift others up.

The tiny acts of devotion matter. God sees them. He is with us in the climb, cheering for our progress. He does not demand we be perfect, only that we stay turned towards Him. So let’s celebrate each upward step! No matter how high the summit, taking one step is still an accomplishment worth praising.

My friend, you are becoming who God created you to be. Continue trusting Him for the grace and strength today. And don’t forget to celebrate your progress

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