Stop Running From Growth

By John Dale My favorite author and spiritual guide, Fr. Richard Rohr, came up with this concept of “Order, Disorder, Reorder” a few years ago. It’s been really helpful for me to put into words and normalize the important and difficult path of growth. The reason why his concept of order, disorder and reorder stands […]

Hope After a Disaster

The Day Our House Burned Down By Rahnella Adsit, REBOOT Recovery International Coordinator The Fire I was seated on a plane flying home from a conference in Colorado when I saw black billowing smoke in the vicinity of our home. We live outside of town and the only thought I had when I saw it […]

Whose Am I?

Stop focusing on “what you do” and instead “whose you are.” That’s something that no one can take from you. by JOHN DALE What if someone were to ask you who you are but you aren’t allowed to answer with your name, job, education or past experiences, what would you say? I know, it’s a […]

Willie Miller: Life After Service and Trauma

What are we to do with what we have attained when we are done serving? What are we to do with the trauma we’ve experienced in service and the baggage that it drops into our lives?

All Counselors Don’t Suck

“All these factors land many of us in the trap of ‘This counselor (therapist, psychologist, etc) wasn’t helpful, so that means all counselor’s suck.’”

Breaking the Cycle

“What we do today has lasting effects long after we’re gone so what do you want your legacy to be?” 

The Lie of Try

“Try is a lie we tell others and ourselves to disguise our cowardice when we have no intention of fulfilling a commitment.” 

Why Vulnerability Is Vital to Healing

“Working under that “push through it and suck it up” mindset is vital to getting through a tough call or safely out of a firefight and back to base. But its helpfulness ends when we’re off shift or back home from a deployment.”

Why Me, Lord? Why Them?

“God allows things to happen for a reason. Whether or not we understand His reasons, we must remember that God is good, just, loving, and merciful.”