Beyond the Season: Nurturing a Heart of Gratitude

By: Dr. Wesley Northey This is the season of Thanksgiving. A wonderful holiday time for us to come together with loved ones  and family, eat way too much food, and hopefully, amidst all of busy-ness and travel, recognize the many  blessings we have in our lives to be thankful for.  While this is great to […]

Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

By: Millie Knight Do you remember the last time you stepped out of your comfort zone? That feeling of fear and excitement, the simultaneous rush of anxiety and curiosity? Stepping out of your comfort zone is where growth happens.  The comfort zone is a psychological state where you feel at ease, in control, and free […]

Celebrating the Climb: Finding Joy in Each Step

By: Ryan Hebron Do you ever feel like you’re climbing a mountain towards some far-off goal? I know I do. My dreams often feel so big, so daunting, that I barely know where to start. Whether it’s becoming CEO, running a marathon, entering full-time ministry, or traveling the world, those major accomplishments can seem impossibly […]

Empowering Self-Talk

By: Dr. Wesley Northey Have you ever considered the way you speak to yourself, about yourself, when you’re by yourself? For many years, I was a very harsh personal critic; never meeting my own expectations and feeling like no matter what I did, it was never enough. Like many of us, I was guilty of […]

Suicide Prevention and The Power of Connection

By: Susan Browning Schulz San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge was built in 1937, since then over 2,000 people have jumped to their deaths from this iconic spot. Of the thousands, only one percent has survived. One of those survivors, Kevin Hines, is now an advocate for suicide prevention and mental health. He often shares in […]

Together, We Can Fight to Prevent Suicide

By: Deb Bryant Blue lights pulsating outside my window. A knock at the door. Neighbors concerned looks. Devastating news that leaves an aftermath of pain and heartache, I could have never imagined. My question, “Why?” goes unanswered. Thoughts of, “If only”, and “I should have noticed the signs” are haunting me. Friends don’t know what […]

Breaking Free: Ending the Cycle of Lies

By: Bryan Flanery Growing up I knew that it was wrong to tell a lie. I wasn’t raised in the church, nor did I have an idea of what faith was, still I inherently grasped the wrongness of lying. Did that stop me from lying? Not at all, but I knew that it was wrong […]

Cultivating Empathy

By: Millie Knight In a world that often seems fast-paced and disconnected, the value of empathy cannot be overstated. Empathy can be defined as the ability to understand and share the feelings of another person. It plays a crucial role in building meaningful connections, fostering understanding, and promoting positive change. On the other hand, apathy, […]

The Power of Individual Connection: Three Key Questions to Guide the Healing Process

By: Millie Knight Connecting with participants individually outside of meetings can be a transformative and empowering approach to fostering healing. When you take the time to engage with individuals on a personal level, you create a safe space for them to open up, share their experiences, and receive the support they need. One-on-one interactions offer […]

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