Healthy Sleep, Healthy Soul

By Madison Thomas Tick…tock…tick…tock. We all know that feeling, the one where we’re staring blankly at the ceiling, wide awake,  watching time go by. You’ve counted every sheep, and you just know it is going to be another night waiting for the sun to come up. Insomnia sets in.  Those who have been called to […]

Think Like a Tree

By Adrian Ewald As the name suggests, giant sequoia trees are, to put it simply, giant. For example, one of the largest trees on Earth by volume is General Sherman, a 2200-year-old giant sequoia that clocks in around 275 feet tall with a diameter of over 36 feet. That’s almost the length of a football […]

Just Keep Swimming

By Rachel Hicks Have you ever been swimming in the ocean, relaxing and enjoying the gentle push and pull ofthe water, when all of the sudden a wave comes up out of nowhere and crashes into you?Think about how that felt for a moment – your feet get swept right out from underneath you, youfind […]

Fireworks – Works of Fire

By Lara Izokaitis Years ago, a dear friend started a fun New Year’s tradition with me that included identifying one or two faith words that would set a tailored hope before me in the 365 days to follow. The word-phrase I chose for 2022 was “FIREWORKS—WORKS OF FIRE,” as it related specifically to the areas […]

Infected With A Case Of Lies

By Lara Izokaitis Have you experienced times when you seem to get hit a bit harder with lies in your mind? What impact do the thoughts you believe about yourself have on your mental health? And how do you handle these moments? Recently, I had a dream where I was infected with a case of […]

Don’t Sing Songs to a Heavy Heart

By John Dale Have you been through a really rough time and someone said something to you with good intentions but their words actually made it worse? Or maybe you’re the one attempting to provide comfort to someone who’s hurting and it wasn’t very helpful?  One of the many profound experiences I’ve had in my […]

God Will Not Divorce You

Ever since I was about nine years old, people have consistently misjudged my age; always expecting me to be older. This was unsettling when I was younger but nowadays, I accept the assumption because not many girls at twenty-five are married, own a home, and have a child. (Not for my generation anyways.) My go-to […]

God’s Transformational Megaphone: Another Person

By: Chris Adsit Click here for audio version Click here for downloadable audio version Let me tell you about the man who tried to kill me. I had just entered my sophomore year at Colorado State University. I was a hurdler on the track team, and had experienced moderate success my freshman year, placing 5th […]

Healing During the Pandemic – Elaine’s Story

By Elaine Alvarez The year 2020 has been somewhat of a traumatic year for many people. For me, the year only heightened the anxiety levels I already struggled with and I found myself becoming paralyzed with fear of leaving home each passing day. But I know that God said He is not a God of […]

Stay Salty, My Friends

Impacting a world that wants to impact you By Chris Adsit Click here for audio version Click here for downloadable audio version When I was a college student, I spent part of one summer working at Maranatha Bible Camp in the-middle-of-nowhere, Nebraska. Our project was to build a big metal building that would eventually house […]

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