Healthy Sleep, Healthy Soul

By Madison Thomas Tick…tock…tick…tock. We all know that feeling, the one where we’re staring blankly at the ceiling, wide awake,  watching time go by. You’ve counted every sheep, and you just know it is going to be another night waiting for the sun to come up. Insomnia sets in.  Those...

Think Like a Tree

By Adrian Ewald As the name suggests, giant sequoia trees are, to put it simply, giant. For example, one of the largest trees on Earth by volume is General Sherman, a 2200-year-old giant sequoia that clocks in around 275 feet tall with a diameter of over 36 feet. That’s almost...

Just Keep Swimming

By Rachel Hicks Have you ever been swimming in the ocean, relaxing and enjoying the gentle push and pull ofthe water, when all of the sudden a wave comes up out of nowhere and crashes into you?Think about how that felt for a moment – your feet get swept right...

Fireworks – Works of Fire

By Lara Izokaitis Years ago, a dear friend started a fun New Year’s tradition with me that included identifying one or two faith words that would set a tailored hope before me in the 365 days to follow. The word-phrase I chose for 2022 was “FIREWORKS—WORKS OF FIRE,” as it...

Infected With A Case Of Lies

By Lara Izokaitis Have you experienced times when you seem to get hit a bit harder with lies in your mind? What impact do the thoughts you believe about yourself have on your mental health? And how do you handle these moments? Recently, I had a dream where I was...

Don’t Sing Songs to a Heavy Heart

By John Dale Have you been through a really rough time and someone said something to you with good intentions but their words actually made it worse? Or maybe you’re the one attempting to provide comfort to someone who’s hurting and it wasn’t very helpful?  One of the many profound...

God Will Not Divorce You

Ever since I was about nine years old, people have consistently misjudged my age; always expecting me to be older. This was unsettling when I was younger but nowadays, I accept the assumption because not many girls at twenty-five are married, own a home, and have a child. (Not for...

God’s Transformational Megaphone: Another Person

By: Chris Adsit Click here for audio version Click here for downloadable audio version Let me tell you about the man who tried to kill me. I had just entered my sophomore year at Colorado State University. I was a hurdler on the track team, and had experienced moderate success...

Healing During the Pandemic – Elaine’s Story

By Elaine Alvarez The year 2020 has been somewhat of a traumatic year for many people. For me, the year only heightened the anxiety levels I already struggled with and I found myself becoming paralyzed with fear of leaving home each passing day. But I know that God said He...

Stay Salty, My Friends

Impacting a world that wants to impact you By Chris Adsit Click here for audio version Click here for downloadable audio version When I was a college student, I spent part of one summer working at Maranatha Bible Camp in the-middle-of-nowhere, Nebraska. Our project was to build a big metal...

Don’t Do It Alone

The Benefits of Small Group Learning in Trauma Recovery By Rahnella Adsit Life is short. How sad is it when one lives it, feeling isolated and alone? Relationships are one of the most important aspects of our lives, yet we often forget just how crucial they are. Many of the...

Applying Roundup To The Root of Bitterness

By Chris Adsit Click here for audio version Click here for downloadable audio version See to it that no one comes short of the grace of God; that no root of bitterness springing up causes trouble, and by it many become defiled.–Hebrews 12:15 An Epic Battle I live in the Great Northwest, and...

Beauty From Ashes

By John Dale I learned how to build a campfire at a young age when I was in boy scouts. We used it to keep warm, to cook our meals, and as a gathering place to tell crazy stories or sing songs. Later in life, after my last overseas deployment...

Stop Running From Growth

By John Dale My favorite author and spiritual guide, Fr. Richard Rohr, came up with this concept of “Order, Disorder, Reorder” a few years ago. It’s been really helpful for me to put into words and normalize the important and difficult path of growth. The reason why his concept of...

Will PTSD Disqualify Me From Employment

Guest Contribution by Silent ProfessionalsOriginal article here If you’re reading this article, you may be working through some degree of PTSD after combat and wondering how to transition back to your civilian life, both personally and professionally.  Some of you may have even abused alcohol and landed yourself in jail for a...

Hope After a Disaster

The Day Our House Burned Down By Rahnella Adsit, REBOOT Recovery International Coordinator The Fire I was seated on a plane flying home from a conference in Colorado when I saw black billowing smoke in the vicinity of our home. We live outside of town and the only thought I...

How Mental Health Discourse Can Improve Family Dynamics

Guest Contribution by Juleigha Blankett Whether it’s explaining current events, dealing with bullies, or even telling them Santa Claus isn’t real, every parent knows that they’re bound to have some tough conversations with their children. However, one subject that’s a little more difficult to prepare for is mental health —...

Whose Am I?

Stop focusing on “what you do” and instead “whose you are.” That’s something that no one can take from you. by JOHN DALE What if someone were to ask you who you are but you aren’t allowed to answer with your name, job, education or past experiences, what would you...

Willie Miller: Life After Service and Trauma

What are we to do with what we have attained when we are done serving? What are we to do with the trauma we’ve experienced in service and the baggage that it drops into our lives?

All Counselors Don’t Suck

“All these factors land many of us in the trap of ‘This counselor (therapist, psychologist, etc) wasn’t helpful, so that means all counselor’s suck.'”

Breaking the Cycle

“What we do today has lasting effects long after we’re gone so what do you want your legacy to be?” 

The Lie of Try

“Try is a lie we tell others and ourselves to disguise our cowardice when we have no intention of fulfilling a commitment.” 

Why Vulnerability Is Vital to Healing

“Working under that “push through it and suck it up” mindset is vital to getting through a tough call or safely out of a firefight and back to base. But its helpfulness ends when we’re off shift or back home from a deployment.”

Why Me, Lord? Why Them?

“God allows things to happen for a reason. Whether or not we understand His reasons, we must remember that God is good, just, loving, and merciful.”

Just a Dispatcher

“…I am the first person that you may speak to on possibly one of the worst days of your life.”

Boundaries Are Like Tourniquets

The importance of stopping the bleeding not only applies to physical trauma but also to the spiritual wounds we sustain in life.

“Does God See Me?”

When you are a caregiver, burnout happens and compassion fatigue is real. Giving and giving and giving with not much in return leads to frustration and exhaustion. But let this be an encouragement to you: God sees you!

Love Heals

Through anonymously surveying 254 participants, we have found that LOVE actually CAN improve symptoms experienced by military families. 

UK Charities Overwhelmed by Veteran Suicide Crisis

Veterans in the UK are suffering. With limited options for help, too many are turning to suicide. That is why REBOOT Combat Recovery is launching this week in England– so that these heroes can find hope and healing.

Dealing with Anger… God’s Way

Caring for a loved one can sometimes bring out the worst side of anger in us. Here are 5 practical tips that will help you to deal with your anger in a way that is honoring to God. 

New Minnesota Law to Help First Responders get Workers’ Comp for PTSD

New Law Will Help First Responders with PTSD by Lauren Orr (Original article by Sarah Danik for Fox 9) A new Minnesota law that will help first responders get workers compensation for PTSD will go into effect in 2019. Previously, workers compensation was denied for a PTSD diagnosis, because there was...

Our Proven Leader Training Process

We equip ordinary people to bring extraordinary change to their communities. Are you our next course leader? by JASON HORN   Our vision was simple: to empower everyday people to offer hope and healing to struggling military and first responder families. Easier said than done. Anytime you’re dealing with the subject...

The Three Secret Stages of Anger

Is your anger out of control? Read on to better understand what sets you off and take back the reins from your emotions.  by CHRIS ADSIT   For many military service members and first responders, employing the “violence of action” tactic whenever you sense conflict or threat can be the difference...

The Real Reasons They Refuse Your Help

Discover the six underlying reasons why trauma sufferers often reject the help of others. by CHRIS ADSIT and EVAN OWENS   Service members and first responders know a thing or two about making choices. Their careers epitomize that concept. They are men and women of action. When confronted by trouble or...

When Mental Health and Medication Are Not Enough

Therapy. Counseling. Prescriptions. Where do you turn when you’ve done it all and you’re still no better than when you started? by EVAN OWENS   Talk of mental health surrounds us. We see it on TV, in the newspaper, and on social media. By 2018, the mental health care industry will...

3 Things Christians Should Stop Saying to Struggling Veterans

When reaching out to veterans in need, don’t let your good intentions be sidelined by one of these common mistakes. by EVAN OWENS   In a 2004 study of approximately 1,400 Vietnam Veterans, almost 90 percent Christian, researchers at Yale found that nearly one-third said the war had shaken their faith...

Past & Present: Sarah Dale’s Story

“REBOOT didn’t just save our lives and our marriage. REBOOT helped us build a new life and new marriage that is better than we ever thought possible.”

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