Just Keep Swimming

By Rachel Hicks Have you ever been swimming in the ocean, relaxing and enjoying the gentle push and pull ofthe water, when all of the sudden a wave comes up out of nowhere and crashes into you?Think about how that felt for a moment – your feet get swept right out from underneath you, youfind […]

Fireworks – Works of Fire

By Lara Izokaitis Years ago, a dear friend started a fun New Year’s tradition with me that included identifying one or two faith words that would set a tailored hope before me in the 365 days to follow. The word-phrase I chose for 2022 was “FIREWORKS—WORKS OF FIRE,” as it related specifically to the areas […]

Infected With A Case Of Lies

By Lara Izokaitis Have you experienced times when you seem to get hit a bit harder with lies in your mind? What impact do the thoughts you believe about yourself have on your mental health? And how do you handle these moments? Recently, I had a dream where I was infected with a case of […]