Beauty From Ashes

By John Dale I learned how to build a campfire at a young age when I was in boy scouts. We used it to keep warm, to cook our meals, and as a gathering place to tell crazy stories or sing songs. Later in life, after my last overseas deployment with the military, I worked […]

Breaking the Cycle

“What we do today has lasting effects long after we’re gone so what do you want your legacy to be?” 

Why Vulnerability Is Vital to Healing

“Working under that “push through it and suck it up” mindset is vital to getting through a tough call or safely out of a firefight and back to base. But its helpfulness ends when we’re off shift or back home from a deployment.”

Boundaries Are Like Tourniquets

The importance of stopping the bleeding not only applies to physical trauma but also to the spiritual wounds we sustain in life.

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