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Welcome to the REBOOT Academy

Stories and insights from the front lines of our REBOOT leadership team

Past & Present: SGT Mitchell’s Story

“Through REBOOT, I learned that others felt the way I had felt and that I wasn’t alone in my fight.”

4 Truths Church Leaders Should Know About PTSD

It’s time to cut through the uncertainty and fear that surround PTSD so that the Church can respond with help and hope.


3 Minutes of Hope: Who’s In Charge, You or Your Career?

It’s easy for our careers to take control of our lives. Do you serve your career or does it serve you?


3 Minutes of Hope: Using the Right Tool for the Job

When healing from trauma, it’s important to utilize not just the most common solution, but the right solution.

Past & Present: SGT Bradford’s Story

“I began to see that I was in a battle that wasn’t against flesh and blood…”

What Would Jesus Say To Someone Struggling With PTSD?

If He walked the earth today, how would Jesus reach out and respond to those who suffer from the aftereffects of trauma?

Past & Present: SGT Taylor’s Story

“I felt my group leader couldn’t possibly know what I was going through… Boy, was I wrong.”